Texas Holdem poker hands that are weak and that are strong

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Texas Holdem poker hands that are weak and that are strong

You probably already know that the best cards to get your hands on in Texas Hold’em are a pair of aces. In order to become a good poker player, it is equally important to know the worst starting cards, which should almost always be discarded.

Weak poker hands

Yes, these hands are weak but that doesn’t mean that you can not play them, you just have to do it right:

  • 2-7. A combination of 2 and 7 different suits is considered the worst hand in Texas Hold’em. These are the 2 lowest cards from which it is impossible to make a straight (there are 4 cards between 2 and 7). Even if these cards are of the same suit, the flush will be too weak. The presence of a couple in one of them will not save the situation.
  • 2-8. The situation is similar to that of the previous hand. The only difference is that instead of 7 here is 8. Very low card for the combination “high card”. If you have these starting Texas Holdem poker hands, suited or unsuited, fold without hesitation.
  • 3-8; 3-7. Thanks to the three, these cards can beat the previous combinations, but 3-8 is still not able to make a straight, and 3-7 is just dust.
  • 2-6. You can make a straight if the flop gives you 3-4-5. But at the same time, your opponent with 6-7 will have a higher straight. With a flush, you may run into a higher flush from your opponent.
  • 2-9; 3-9; 4-9.The only plus against previous hands here is 9. If there are 2 nines, then you have a pair of average importance, which can still be beaten by pairs 10, jacks, queens, kings, or aces. Don’t fall for low open cards: Thinking that you have a strong hand, you can lose.
  • 2-10. This combination became famous due to the fact that it was with such cards that Doyle Brunson won two bracelets in the World Series of Poker. But do not flatter yourself. Doyle Brunson is the greatest poker player, and until you match him in experience and level of play, do not try to repeat his feat.

Play these hands very carefully.

The best Texas Holdem poker hands to play

You probably already know that AA is one of the top 20 strongest hand Texas Holdem poker hands rankings list but you can not sit and wait for them.

Not only AA is worth your time

Play these hands right:

  1. AA, KK. Here are the best starting hands in Hold’em, monster hands. You will rarely come across such a combination. According to statistics, the player gets a pair of aces or kings every 110 hands.
  2. QQ, JJ, AKs. Queens and Jacks are good starting cards. Of course, they are lower in value than aces and kings, but they are better than all other possible starting cards. You can of course run into a player holding a pair of aces or kings, but this will happen infrequently, as we said.
  3. 10 10, AK, AQs AJs, KQs. The next group of starting cards is also pretty strong. You can also raise preflop with these cards. We’ve already talked about the strength of Ad Kx, but the initial Ac Qd and Ax Jh are also very strong and often face weaker combinations.

Remember that every hand can win if you play it right.

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