Basic rules of video poker game for different types

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Basic rules of video poker game for different types

Video poker is nothing more than a slot machine based on the game of poker, which is presented in many of its varieties. This slot can be found in all real and online casinos and is by far the most popular slot machine today .

In online casinos, video poker is no different from the versions presented in real casinos, perhaps that is why fans of this game give the palm to this game in online casinos. Below we suggest you familiarize yourself with the universal rules of video poker.

The object of the video poker game is to get a paid poker hand. The player does not have opponents and partners, and there is no need to compare combinations, as is the case in most types of poker. It is enough to collect the combination that is included in the paytable and the win is guaranteed.

Video poker Combinations

Video poker hands correspond to standard poker hands:

  • Pair
  • Two Pairs (two pairs)
  • Three of Kind (tris)
  • Straight (street)
  • Flush
  • Full House
  • Four of Kind (kare)
  • Straight Flush
  • Royal Flush

It should be noted that in different types of video poker, not all combinations are taken into account and paid. The joker is widespread in various types of video poker. This role can be played by a separate card or one of the standard ones. The maximum combinations formed with the help of one or several jokers, as a rule, are paid less than the “clean” ones.

Pay tables

You can clarify the list of all paid combinations in the selected type of video poker in the paytable, which is mandatory in every machine. The combinations in the table are usually arranged from bottom to top in ascending order. You should also pay attention to the size of payments for each bet, because their accrual may be disproportionate, therefore, it is more profitable to play at some rates (usually maximum) than at others.

The game

At the beginning of the game, you need to select a bet and then click the Deal button. You will receive five cards. After assessing the situation, you can leave the necessary cards by clicking the Hold button opposite each of them, and change the rest for free. If after that there is a paid combination in your cards, it means that you can get the winnings for it, provided by the paytable.

However, before that, most types of video poker offer a bonus game. Five cards appear in front of the player, one of which is open. His task is to choose one of the hole cards. If it turns out to be older than the open one, the winning is doubled. Otherwise, the bet loses. After entering this mode, you can leave it only by choosing one of the cards.

There are rules according to which you can try to double the bet several times, and some casinos even pay special bonuses to those who were able to do it ten times in a row.

There are also varieties of video poker with multiple lines. Among the useful options, we should note the Auto Hold mode, after activating which the slot machine will independently assess the situation and leave the cards that are most profitable from the point of view of the optimal strategy.

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